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At no cost, our “in-house” Natural Wellness Experts will help you find the right options specifically for your needs, and then recommend a complete solution comprised of herbs and natural remedies that are the best proven natural wellness options for your specific wellness make up and needs.

Based on The Pyewackets 42 Biometrix Assessment™, we’ll review your “unique to you” Wellness Profile and give a professional “Natural Wellness Routine” recommendation based upon this review.

Your custom “Recommendation” will be unique to you as crafted by one of our “in-house” Wellness Professionals.

Fill out the “private and secure” Assessment Form below to get your Free Custom “Full Service” Professional Assessment and Recommendations Report today! (to form below)

Free Web Consult?

Get your Free Review, Consultation and Custom Recommendations Report for your unique Wellness Profile today by filling out the Free Pyewackets 42 Biometrix Assessment Form below. You can expect a speedy turn-around and direct response from one of our “in-house” Wellness Experts with an important email and report addressing your questions and needs specific to YOUR unique Wellness Profile!

$120 for 1 hour consult
(Free $90 Store Cash Credit)

“This is the best wellness consultation I’ve ever had! ~Robert K.”

Get a full one-on-one session with a Wellness Professional where we’ll expertly craft the optimal natural wellness routine for and with you!

Let’s find out what makes you tick, in the best possible way through an in-depth Personal Wellness Review that we call the…

Pyewackets 42 Biometrix Assessment™

The Free Biometrix Assessment™ form below gets you started with a Natural Wellness Web Consultation, and allows our Natural Wellness Experts to prepare for your Video Consultation, if you so choose to have one.

Video Consultation?

For those who prefer a video consultation, get started by filling out the Free Assessment form below, and click Video Consultation Option at the end for a $120 30-60 minute live video consultation that includes a personal review, Q&A and Recommendations Session custom to your specific needs.

When you choose the Video Consultation option on the free form below, you will also receive a Free $90 In-Store Cash Credit for getting the best quality products to help achieve your wellness objectives.

Free BioMetrix Assessment Form

Private, Safe and Secure. Outside of our Wellness Professional, we will not share your personal information with anyone, for any reason. Please be as honest and transparent as possible to ensure accurate results. Your health depends on it!

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How well versed are you with natural wellness treatments and remedies?
What is your current diet like?
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Are you physically active, or exercise often?
Would you consider a more rigorous exercise regimen?
What best describes you:
Body Type
Do you…
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Have you ever bought and/or read a self-help book?
FYI – we use questions like this to determine your personality type, which can influence the effectiveness of some proposed remedies (i.e. Your willingness to follow some recommendations over others. Honesty = Accuracy.)
Do you…
Would you consider yourself…
Are you dealing with…
(check any that apply)
Would you consider yourself addicted to…
Often times addictions not only lead to health issues, but are also a symptom of a deeper issue, requiring a more complete approach to healing.
If dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD or addiction…
Have you ever successfully quit a bad habit like smoking or drinking?
How serious are you about embarking on your path to wellness?

Lifestyle, preferences, beliefs, issues you’ve had with other remedies or treatments, etc.
Video Consultation Option
$120 per session and get a $90 in-store cash credit.

Privacy Notice: We will not rent, sell or share your information with or to anyone, for any reason. Form is sent using state of the art encryption technology. We use your data only to help you facilitate your wellness objectives.

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