Mission Statement – Natural Wellness

People often ask “What’s the 42 stand for in Pyewackets 42?” and the simple answer is… 42 is THE “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” according to the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. For us, it means ultimate truth. Without distortion from media, corporations or governments. And that ultimate truth is the core of life itself. When you use truth to heal, you heal more than the body. You begin to heal the person.

We believe that the body and mind are a miracle and have the ability to heal and grow when given proper natural care. We are here to serve those who seek the direction and care of mother nature in order to bring health and balance into their lives. Traditional wellness practices in the Western World seem to consistently turn a blind eye to natural wellness. It is our mission to be there for those who seek to employ proper wellness routines in order to enhance and enrich their lives through nature.

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